About Us


CrossFit Soul Miami

The concept of CrossFit Soul was founded in 2009. After managing and being one of the founding members of one of the first CrossFit Affiliates in South Florida, Danny Soul decided it was time to open CrossFit Soul. After seeing how most garage gyms were being operated at the time, Danny took it upon himself to make a change and open the gym that he felt the City needed. Most garage gyms at the time had an emphasis on packing classes as much as possible and honestly, the quality was quite low. The intention behind opening up Soul was to create a strong community environment but not do that by packing classes way beyond capacity. The focus on quality, class sizes, and introducing a different brand into the South Florida space is something that would make CrossFit Soul different from everyone else. Very quickly, Soul would grow to 100+ clients and so did Danny’s team. With the help of Sean Velas, Alejandro Lopez-Calleja, Luis Lopez, and others, Soul became the leading standard of a higher quality garage gym in South Florida.

We are in the business of saving and changing lives. Our approach to health and wellness is broad. Our focus is not only on physical training but learning how to strengthen the mind, body and soul.