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September 2020

Common Workout Terms: What to Know Before Your First Class


For those who are new to CrossFit or similar workouts, the terms alone may be enough to intimidate you. What's a WOD? EMOM? AMRAP? These terms are vital to understanding a workout, but don't worry-- it's not as overwhelming as it may seem. Getting to know a few of these common terms can help you [...]

Common Workout Terms: What to Know Before Your First Class2020-09-09T11:37:43-06:00

August 2020

The What and How of Scaling a Workout


What happens when you show up to work out, and the workout on the whiteboard is beyond your fitness level? Maybe the weight (the load) is too heavy. Or perhaps there’s a movement that an old injury keeps you from doing today. For whatever reason, if you can’t do a workout as “Rx’d” or as [...]

The What and How of Scaling a Workout2020-09-09T11:32:06-06:00

5 Ways to Keep Your At-Home Workouts Consistent


No matter if you're working out in a gym or at home, building a consistent routine can increase your chances of achieving your goals and getting results. And if you happen to be doing most of your workouts at home, it can take some adjusting as you establish a new habit. Here are a few [...]

5 Ways to Keep Your At-Home Workouts Consistent2020-08-10T10:42:21-06:00

July 2020

Have Fun, Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated


Right now, it feels great to be able to get outside and have some fun. Maybe you do a workout outdoors or enjoy a day hanging out in the sun. With the summer months filled with long days and plenty of heat and sunshine, it's important to keep tabs on your hydration and electrolyte [...]

Have Fun, Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated2020-07-31T14:50:47-06:00

4 Ways that Yoga Complements Your CrossFit Training


Yoga is an excellent complement to CrossFit. Here are just a few ways that yoga complements your workouts: 1. Breathwork When you practice yoga, every one of your movements is synchronized with your breathing. You inhale and move into a pose, and when you transition out of that pose, you exhale. Syncing up your breath [...]

4 Ways that Yoga Complements Your CrossFit Training2020-07-31T14:32:22-06:00

June 2020

How to Set SMART Fitness Goals


One way to narrow your focus and ultimately get results in the gym is through goal-setting. To get the most of your workouts, both physically and mentally, take some time to think about what you want to achieve. As you brainstorm your goals, keep the SMART goal framework in mind: Smart Measurable Achievable Relevant [...]

How to Set SMART Fitness Goals2020-07-30T15:52:11-06:00

Training Your Aerobic Capacity


CrossFit programming targets a range of physical fitness elements. Rather than only focusing on strength in the gym or only working to get faster, CrossFit covers both strength and speed. And then so much more. Aerobic capacity or endurance can sometimes be an overlooked element of fitness. While endurance-based training may not be the [...]

Training Your Aerobic Capacity2020-07-30T15:53:10-06:00

May 2020

Quarantine Snacks Calling Your Name?


FIRST THINGS FIRST Before we go through the ins and outs of Team Soul Nutrition, our one-stop shop for all your individual nutritional needs, we have to say this: we love food, and we aren’t ashamed to admit it. It doesn’t scare or worry us; on the other hand, we look forward to [...]

Quarantine Snacks Calling Your Name?2020-06-12T13:50:17-06:00

Lessons From The ‘Rona


CHANGE IS INEVITABLE: BE PROACTIVE. STAY POSITIVE. Most people live their lives with a healthy awareness that nothing is guaranteed, but that awareness has nothing on when life actually threatens what they mostly took for granted. About five months ago, when we first heard about a virus spreading in China, we had zero [...]

Lessons From The ‘Rona2020-06-12T13:50:26-06:00

Why Sleep is an Essential Piece of Your Workout Routine


It's easy to think of your workout routine in terms of the time you spend at the gym. However, to reach your personal fitness and performance goals, there are aspects of training that need to happen outside the gym. For example, daily habits such as nutrition, hydration, and sleep all affect how you feel [...]

Why Sleep is an Essential Piece of Your Workout Routine2020-07-30T15:34:17-06:00