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April 2020

Become More Resilient – Train Your Body, Train Your Mind


Committing to a consistent training program builds both physical and mental skills. And one of those mental skills developed over time is resilience. What is resilience? Resilience is emotional strength and endurance. It’s the ability to encounter an obstacle and figure out a way to manage it, overcome it, or adapt. As you become more [...]

Become More Resilient – Train Your Body, Train Your Mind2020-07-30T15:19:25-07:00

Miami Herald: Tallahassee feasted on Florida’s $50M bridge loan program. Miami-Dade, Broward got crumbs


When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis promised small businesses relief in the form of a $50 million short-term loan program, Daniel Lopez-Calleja was one of the first in line. The owner of the West Miami gym CrossFit Soul applied for one of Florida’s emergency bridge loans on the first day applications became available in [...]

Miami Herald: Tallahassee feasted on Florida’s $50M bridge loan program. Miami-Dade, Broward got crumbs2020-06-12T13:50:39-07:00

3 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline


You know that feeling when you start something new? Everything is exciting, and you can’t wait to learn. This feeling is familiar for anyone starting a new fitness or training program. You can’t wait to get to the gym to see what’s in store for you that day. That feeling of excitement is great and [...]

3 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline2020-07-30T13:43:56-07:00

J Flo Therapy | Shoulder Mobility Exercises


J Flo Therapy | Shoulder Mobility Exercises First and foremost, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Flores, but most people know me as Joe or JFlo and I am the owner and founder of JFlo Therapy. I have been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist for about 17 years now, and [...]

J Flo Therapy | Shoulder Mobility Exercises2020-06-12T13:51:23-07:00

Kelvine’s Wodapalooza Experience 2020


For as long as I have been a part of the crossfit community here in Miami, Wodapalooza has been a mecca for athletes of all skill levels from all around the world. Just last year, when I spectated the event, I promised myself that I, too, would one day be on that competition [...]

Kelvine’s Wodapalooza Experience 20202020-06-12T13:51:33-07:00

Embattled Fitness Professionals Train For Stay-At-Home World


WRITTEN BY JESSE SCHECKNER ON MARCH 31, 2020 Less than a week into closures of all “non-essential” businesses due to the coronavirus, Danny Lopez-Calleja estimated he could keep things running for about three months. After that, the future looked grim for CrossFit Soul, the gym and competitive powerlifting and athletic training center he’s [...]

Embattled Fitness Professionals Train For Stay-At-Home World2020-06-12T13:51:44-07:00

March 2020

When Life Gets Real, It’s Mind Over Everything


If you joined CrossFit as an adult with full-blown adult responsibilities, you most likely didn’t do it because you were bored and had nothing to do with your time. The likely scenario is that at that point in your life you realized you needed to engage with fitness and health in a new [...]

When Life Gets Real, It’s Mind Over Everything2020-06-12T13:51:56-07:00

The Soul Purpose: Nadine


Congratulations Nadine on your one year anniversary with Soul! You've been like family right from the start. Now hear a bit of her story below: In December of 2018, I was at my mom’s house when I developed an excruciating migraine and the sensation of being choked. Thankfully, my cousin (who happens to [...]

The Soul Purpose: Nadine2020-06-12T13:52:27-07:00

February 2020



My name is Hermin Soler and I have been a Soul Sweat member since September 26, 2018 and Team Soul Nutrition member since May 2, 2019. The first pic is back from May 2019 where I weighed around 278 pounds. At this point, I had been already been working hard for 6+ months at Soul [...]




We founded Team Soul Barbell in 2009.  At the time, the only club in Miami was Team Miami Dade, and it was run out of the house of a gentleman named Art Atwater. Eventually, Team Miami Dade closed its doors, and the team had nowhere to further develop their weightlifting skills.  As a result, the [...]