Become More Resilient | CrossFit SoulCommitting to a consistent training program builds both physical and mental skills. And one of those mental skills developed over time is resilience.

What is resilience?

Resilience is emotional strength and endurance. It’s the ability to encounter an obstacle and figure out a way to manage it, overcome it, or adapt. As you become more resilient, you’re better able to cope with whatever life happens to throw your way.

Resilience is a character trait that many people think they either have it or they don’t. But resilience is a skill. And just like you would train skills like double unders or muscle-ups, you can also train to be more resilient.

In the right environment, you can practice dealing with obstacles and finding solutions to problems. Going to the gym and regularly challenging yourself with the workout written on the whiteboard is one environment where you can become more resilient.

Train your body, Train your mind

Here are some ways you build resilience through your workouts:

1. Character Development

Training and working out will improve fitness and performance. But it’s also how you can develop important character values like patience, discipline, control, and confidence. These character-building traits assist in developing resilience.

2. Persistent Approach to Training

We’ve all had experiences where the workout ends, and you’re drenched in sweat, gasping for air, and a little lightheaded. But after a few seconds, you hear that little voice ask, “When do we get to do that again?” Then there are the other days where you show up and feel like you’ve lost all coordination, fitness, and strength. And yet, you find a way to suck it up and finish the workout. Because resilience and persistence go hand in hand. No matter how you’re feeling (mentally or physically), you show up and stay committed. More of that attitude is how you build resilience.

3. Goal-Setting

Some goals will take months, even years, to accomplish. When you have a long-term goal that demands a pretty decent investment of your time, then you must be prepared to be patient with your progress. With a long-term goal, you’re pretty much guaranteed to encounter a variety of obstacles. You might get injured or sick. Your work might require you to travel for the next several months. Rather than letting any challenges or setbacks discourage you, focus on solutions. Your grit will help you see your goal to completion.

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