Common Workout Terms | CrossFit Soul | Team SoulFor those who are new to CrossFit or similar workouts, the terms alone may be enough to intimidate you. What’s a WOD? EMOM? AMRAP? These terms are vital to understanding a workout, but don’t worry– it’s not as overwhelming as it may seem.

Getting to know a few of these common terms can help you feel more comfortable walking into the gym and trying a workout or two. Here are a few terms to know before your first class:


The WOD is the “workout of the day,” meaning the workout your coach has planned for a specific day. You’ll usually find the WOD written on a whiteboard or displayed on a screen at the gym.


A type of workout where athletes complete “as many reps (or rounds) as possible” in a specific time limit. That means you have a certain number of minutes to do the movements listed over and over, doing as much as you possibly can.


A type of workout where athletes do an exercise “every minute on the minute,” usually taking the remaining time of the minute to rest.


“Rx” means “as prescribed.” A workout is completed as Rx’d when done with the exact number of reps and weights as the workout calls for.

Hero WOD

This is a type of universal WOD that is named as a tribute to a first responder or member of the military. For example, a very popular hero WOD that’s done every Memorial Day weekend is Murph, which is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murph, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2006.

Now that you have a basic understanding of some common workout terms, you’re more than ready for your first workout. At CrossFit Soul in Miami, we will push you to set goals and accomplish things you never thought you could. Contact us to learn more about getting started!