On any given day at Crossfit Soul, a potential new client can walk in and notice that there are many different people doing many different things, and we’re ok with that. While we primarily offer group Crossfit classes and generalized Crossfit, olympic weightlifting and powerlifting programming, we also pride ourselves on knowing that not everyone fits a mold and that personal training is a need many people have. For our personal training clients, the need for a 1 on 1 approach to fitness comes from a variety of reasons: scheduling, unique fitness goals, weaknesses that require specialized programming, strengths that require precise attention and many, many more. While some Crossfit affiliates may stray away from anything other than traditional Crossfit programming and preach that Crossfit is for everyone, our ten plus years experience has shown us that that’s simply not true.

Before I explain why we’re such big advocates for personal training, I want to address a myth concerning fitness that can be heard circulating within many Crossfit communities. The myth is that more weight, volume and time under tension will make everyone stronger and fitter, and the problem with this dogma is that applying it to just anyone that walks into a Crossfit gym can be dangerous. Everyone that walks into a box has a physical history and because of this, the group class model centered on Crossfit workouts that push heavy weight and high reps may not really be what some individuals need. In spite of attention given by coaches in the form of scaled and modified movements in workouts, there are people that require full scale individualized programming unique to the history they bring through the door with them. Crossfit may be everything for some, but it cannot be everything for all.  

This may be a bold statement coming from a Crossfit affiliate owner, but I believe that personal training is the best and most efficient way for someone to meet their health and fitness goals. What can be more efficient than having personalized programming catered to one’s own strengths and weaknesses? Nothing. The group model cannot, and will never, do what personalized training can do for someone’s fitness ambitions. Because of this, Crossfit Soul takes a VERY hands-on approach to personal training. First, we assign coaches to clients based on an in depth discussion with our client that helps us understand what they are looking for and what their fitness/physical health history is. After this discussion, we pick one of our certified coaches that we believe best fits the client’s strengths, weaknesses, schedule, etc. The assigned coach will then create thoughtful, personalized, hour long programming that centers on the unique needs of our client.

Who are our personal training clients? Some are retired grandmothers, stay at home moms, career men and women with demanding schedules and even Crossfit athletes that are looking for an individualized approach to enhancing their overall performance. Our personalized training may not mimic the traditional Crossfit model, but that does not mean that we cannot cater the programming to a Crossfit athlete. That being said, there are MANY different focuses our personal training clients can look forward to and that the majority of our existing clients actually base their training on. These multiple focuses can center on sports performance, strength training, mobility, aerobic (or“cardio”) output, corrective exercise and truly much more.

By catering all of our personal training sessions and training plans to people’s own goals, we have found that success in physical fitness is truly relative to the individual and cannot be judged with in a boxed notion of what fitness means. Sometimes, a clock is just for telling time and 5 reps of a certain movement is a milestone. From injury prevention to client/coach rapport and all that happens in between, the personal training provided at Crossfit Soul offers a way for individuals to feel their commitment to health and fitness pay off in a way that is truly theirs. If you’re interested in personal training, we’re here to listen, and we’re ready to work together to meet YOUR fitness and health goals!