On October 14th, we are going to rev things up and get started with this next elements class! This will focus on building overall conditioning or what you refer to as your “engine”. The metcons and workouts we do on a daily basis are usually enough to increase your overall conditioning and get you in much better shape, but if you still feel like you hit a wall in class workouts, or you struggle with constantly feeling like you’re out of breath, you may need to take a more dedicated approach to improving your conditioning.

During IGNITION, we will cover the basics of building a well balanced conditioning program as well as how to determine what specific aspect of your conditioning needs to improve. You will spend time using all of our C2 Machines (bike/row/ski-ergs) and learn how to perform more efficiently on them, as well as use the monitors and data provided to help you target certain aspects of conditioning better. In addition to this, you will be training and you will finish the 4 week ignition program, feeling more conditioned and in better shape than when you started!

Thursdays at 5PM
Saturdays at 8AM