Keep Your At-Home Workouts Consistent | CrossFit Soul MiamiNo matter if you’re working out in a gym or at home, building a consistent routine can increase your chances of achieving your goals and getting results. And if you happen to be doing most of your workouts at home, it can take some adjusting as you establish a new habit.

Here are a few ways to keep your at-home workouts consistent:

1. Schedule your workout.

One way to create consistency in your workouts is to schedule them into your calendar. If you’re working out at home rather than going into the gym for a class, it can be easy to keep saying that you’ll get to your workout. But by scheduling a specific time, you’re more likely to hold yourself to that appointment.

2. Keep your gear visible.

Another way to encourage a consistent workout routine is to keep your gear visible. There is some truth to that old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Set your workout clothes where you’ll see them throughout the day as a helpful reminder.

3. Track your progress.

No matter if you’re working out in-person at a gym or at home on your own, tracking your workout progress can help you build consistency. Keeping track of your workout either through an app or in a paper journal creates more structure and organization around your routine. In turn, you’re more likely to keep up with a consistent schedule. Rather than feeling like you work out whenever you feel like it, scheduling and then tracking your workouts builds some consistency into your routine.

4. Keep it fun.

You’re more likely to keep up with your workouts when you’re having fun. While you may not enjoy every single exercise or every workout that you do, overall you should look forward to that daily workout. If you find yourself getting bored, keep finding new ways to challenge yourself or add variety to your routine.

5. Take it outside.

If you’re working out at home, one of the benefits is that you can work out wherever you choose. If you prefer to work out outside, then head outdoors and enjoy your time there. Some days, you might prefer to stay inside, which is also fine. Remember, where you work out is totally up to you, so choose a spot where you’re comfortable and motivated.

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