Yes! In order to begin training with us we require prior CrossFit or Barbell training experience.
We offer beginner sessions. These sessions are designed to make sure you can safely and proficiently perform movements that will be found in our Team Soul Programs, help identify your health and fitness goals, and make sure you can properly navigate your membership with us here at Soul.

Yes! All recurring in gym services include 24 hour access via our “Hybrid Athlete Foundation 24 hour access app.”

Check out our Pricing above for a breakdown on pricing for all programs and services.

Pay via ACH to avoid added processing fees.

2 hour, Open Floor style session – multiple coaches available, ready to assist whether you are participating in the group workout of the day, weightlifting/powerlifting, cardio, or skill work we’re here to make sure you get the MOST out of your time while here at Soul.

All skill levels welcome! All members of Soul have access to these sessions. Need guidance? A group fitness class will also be taught at the beginning of each training hall for those who are looking for more direction.

Yes, we offer One-On-One & Small Group Training specifically to help you achieve your goals. Click here (link to personal training program) to learn more.