Class offerings:

Group fitness

1 hour Crossfit Style – small group fitness class.

Training Hall

2 hour. Open floor style session. Multiple coaches available, ready to assist you whether you are participating in the group workout of the day, weightlifting/powerlifting, cardio, or skill work. We’re here to help you make the MOST out of your time here at Soul.

  • **All skill levels welcome! Need more guidance? A group fitness class will also be taught at the beginning of our 6am and 6pm training hall sessions for those looking for more direction

Specialty Classes

Every month we rotate our specialty class offering. This is a service we offer to give our clients an opportunity to focus on specific aspect of fitness. Some example of our specialty classes are emphasis on Elements/Foundations, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Kettlebell, Mental Toughness and more. The time slot changes based on the type of class we are going to have for the month. This is free for all members.

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