Sleep is an Essential Piece of Your Workout Routine | CrossFit SoulIt’s easy to think of your workout routine in terms of the time you spend at the gym. However, to reach your personal fitness and performance goals, there are aspects of training that need to happen outside the gym. For example, daily habits such as nutrition, hydration, and sleep all affect how you feel and how well you can perform.

Here are a few reasons why sleep is an essential piece of your workout routine:

1. Proper Recovery and Fewer Injuries

One of the results of a good night’s sleep is a decreased risk of injury. Giving your body the time to properly rest each night gives you a much-needed break from the stress of training. No matter how sore or exhausted you are after a workout, your body needs time to recover. And your body uses the time while you’re asleep to repair and rebuild itself. Rather than showing up to train worn out and poorly recovered, you’ll be more rested and ready to work out. Making sleep a priority increases your recovery time and decreases your chances of getting laid up with an injury.

2. Improved Mental Skills

Sleep doesn’t only repair your body; it also revitalizes your mind. Compare how you feel after a good night of sleep to a miserable night of sleep. Poor sleep usually means you’ll wake up feeling like you’re in a fog where it’s difficult to concentrate or respond to things in your environment. On the other hand, good, quality sleep helps with keeping your mind clear and sharp. Sleep helps with your reaction time, as well as with the learning process. You’ll be able to move faster in the gym while staying sharp and using proper technique.

3. Stronger Immune System

Starting and then maintaining a workout routine is stressful for your body. But as long as you’re getting enough sleep, your body can manage this stress and make you stronger. But once you’re no longer recovering well and getting enough rest in between workouts, it affects your immune system. Sleep allows your immune system to recharge. You’re less likely to get sick, making it possible to continue your workouts without any interruptions.

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