My name is Hermin Soler and I have been a Soul Sweat member since September 26, 2018 and Team Soul Nutrition member since May 2, 2019. The first pic is back from May 2019 where I weighed around 278 pounds. At this point, I had been already been working hard for 6+ months at Soul Sweat, eating healthier overall, and had lost around 25-30 pounds. Those last 10 pounds were so damn hard to lose and took forever. My weight loss eventually started to plateau despite working hard at the gym. I became frustrated and started losing some motivation. Then with some perfect timing, CrossFit Soul announced they were starting a nutrition coaching program powered by Working Against Gravity (WAG) and the first Team Soul Nutrition meeting was scheduled. I came in and listened to what they had to offer. At first, I thought “I definitely do not have time to food prep”, “I do not have the time or the patience to track my food”, “how am I going to handle eating out”, etc.. Still, I still made the commitment that day that ended up not only changing my life, but also, the life of those around me.

My nutrition goals were simple, but of course obvious… lose fat. However, I also wanted to continue getting fitter and start gaining lean muscle at the same time. Coach Danielle then worked with me to set my daily macronutrient goals and continued to adjust them throughout my journey. After the first couple of weeks of starting the nutrition program, I actually gained a few pounds. I was learning to track my food intake, learning to adjust to the right proportions of food, started drinking more water, started understanding where my problem areas were, and which macronutrients I was going over. Then I started to make adjustments in the type of foods I was eating. The biggest adjustment I had to make was to lower fat content in my proteins, salad dressings, and other foods. Fat which was the most difficult macro to stay compliant with at the beginning but ended up being the macro I stayed the most compliant with still to this date at 88%.

After I got the hang of tracking my correct food intake and started seeing results, it was game on for me. I ended up doubling my weight loss efficiency (lbs/week) for the following next several months. I trusted Coach Danielle, I trusted the process, and stuck with the plan. My weight kept dropping consistently, which has kept the motivation going to this date and constantly validates my buy-in to the plan. Better nutrition has helped me handle stress better and increase my energy levels. New personal best weigh-ins are now more frequent. I don’t really food prep, I am always on the go, I am not the most disciplined or macro compliant person for sure but I have definitely learned to make Nutrition work for me. To date, I have lost 77 pounds since joining Soul Sweat while 48 of those pounds were after joining Team Soul Nutrition. Although, I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far, I am most proud of watching those close around me apply the nutrition principles I have learned on this program in their own lives just by witnessing my results. Watching their success has been very rewarding.

I was a little hesitant to participate in this post and put myself and my journey out there on social media, but I am much more confident in myself now and I figured if I can inspire at least one person who reads this to begin or continue their body transformation journey, then it was definitely worth it.

Thank you to Team Soul Nutrition Coach Danielle for helping me add years back to my life. Thank you CrossFit Soul and all the coaches for the platform you provide and for serving this community.

Soul Sweat + Team Soul Nutrition = Tools To Succeed

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