“Fitness is a large part of my life and something that I’ve done both recreationally and competitively for the past seven years. I love being outdoors and keeping in shape is essential to being able to enjoy hiking, climbing and skiing as I get older. Balancing a corporate career and athletics can be challenging at times, but Crossfit Soul has done a great job of offering different customized programs that fit every individual’s goals, while keeping a strong community base between all the different types of programs they offer. This is not only extremely motivating and supportive, but also very accessible and convenient regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. Their coaching staff is highly qualified and personally invested in all their athletes to ensure you are making progress throughout each training cycle. It’s been a pleasure being part of this community and competing for Team Soul Barbell for the past five years. I’m very thankful for everyone’s support.”
– James Mitchell

“The best decision I ever made was beginning a fitness journey, a close second to making the move to Soul. My injuries didn’t disappear overnight, my diet didn’t improve immediately. What changed was my attitude, the change was inevitable. What changed was the feeling that I mattered despite not being the fastest or the strongest or that all I wanted was to be fit. The variety of what they provide at Soul is unmatched. Beginner barbell has empowered me. I simply move better now. Skills class has given me so much to look forward to in fitness and in life. The human body is a wonderful thing! These people, both coaches and athletes, are family. I show up, that’s on me but the support of the community is immeasurable.”
– Barbie Herrero

“I first attended CrossFit soul about 6 years ago before becoming pregnant with my daughter. After that I took a break and had my son. Life was pretty busy. Then I returned about a year and a half ago and couldn’t be happier. Prior to joining Soul I would do some home workouts, go for a jog in my neighborhood, and at times work out in the gym at my job. The fact that i have so much energy to keep up with my very active children is priceless. I was able to lose all my baby weight and even get below my pre-pregnancy weight. Also, the workouts are awesome! I love the fact the workouts are always different, and the coaches listen to our suggestions as far as what we like and would like to improve on.”
– Jackie Perdomo

“Coming in [to Team Soul Nutrition] I was expecting a really rigid hardcore strict diet that would limit me to almost anything I regularly eat and to my surprise it is quite the opposite. Coach Danielle has kept our conversations very open and she has not only reviewed what I eat but made proper suggestions and even kept track while she was on vacation. She has guided me through a weight cut for a lifting meet (something I have never done in my life), has prepped me for upcoming competitions, and helped to make suggestions while on vacation. The fact that she herself is not only knowledgeable but also lives and practices what she teaches goes a long way as she herself has had the same or similar experiences to those I went through. I could not be happier with the results and commitment that I have received from my coach. I mention it to everyone that recognizes the hard work and acknowledge that I would not have been able to do it alone. I look forward to building from here and am excited to see what type of results will happen after a year of counting. Crossfit Soul (TST, Barbell, Nutrition) overall has been a blessing to be a part of. I can’t help but be grateful for the push outside of my comfort zone, the kick in the ass when I do not think I can continue and the guidance that is always available. Trusting the process is all I can do moving forward.”
– Alejandro Betancourt

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