Yoga Complements Your CrossFit Training | CrossFit SoulYoga is an excellent complement to CrossFit. Here are just a few ways that yoga complements your workouts:

1. Breathwork

When you practice yoga, every one of your movements is synchronized with your breathing. You inhale and move into a pose, and when you transition out of that pose, you exhale. Syncing up your breath with movement carries over into your CrossFit training, as well. Not only is oxygen more readily available, but at the same time, this focused, intentional breathing on your mat helps you become a more focused and intentional athlete at the gym.

2. Mindfulness, Concentration, and Focus

Like CrossFit, yoga trains your mind along with your body. Pairing together the physical and mental elements of movement leads to more mindfulness, concentration, and focus. Keeping your attention within the four corners of your yoga mat makes it more likely that your mind will stay in the current moment. Practicing similar mental skills at the gym is one way to get more out of your training. In addition, the stronger connection you’re building between your body and mind leads to many health benefits, as well as reduced stress and anxiety.

3. Flexibility

Yoga is so much more than being able to comfortably touch your toes. But it can lead to improvements in your flexibility. Through yoga, you can experience a greater range of motion and better joint mobility, making it easier for you to perform CrossFit movements and skills. At the same time, as you become more flexible, you reduce your chances of getting injured.

4. Balance

If you’re new to yoga, you will probably find many of the standing poses to be fairly challenging. One foot will probably be easier for you to balance on compared to the other. If you stick with yoga, you’ll improve your ability to balance and begin to even out both sides of your body, as well. Overall, yoga helps balance out your left and right sides so that you become equally stronger and flexible throughout your body.

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