We are happy to announce the reintroduction of Team Soul’s Youth Development Program, starting on 7/13/2021. Our program will be based on the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting while also incorporating a blend of general population fitness and athletic development in order to address other weaknesses and expose our youth to multiple disciplines.  

Things that we will address are coordination, speed, balance, power, mindset, team work, and much more.  The focus is not necessarily to introduce strength training to our youth but to develop a well rounded group of young athletes.  

With that said, our coaches realize that specificity at such a young age is not only not ideal but it can be detrimental to a certain extent. The program is extensive and requires a certain level of discipline and attention so that all of the participants can benefit from it.

Our sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 4pm sharp.

Program Breakdown:

The first two weeks of the program will serve as our beginners class or on-boarding, meaning, attendance for the first two weeks is MANDATORY. If a child is unable to attend, they must make up the session by scheduling a personal training session. 

Once the first 2 weeks have been completed, we will no longer allow new participants to enter the class without scheduling their personal training on-boarding sessions with our coaching staff. This is to ensure that all participants are well versed in our method and have an understanding of the technique that will be difficult to grasp during class.

As of right now, we are committed to running this program throughout the Summer with potential plans to continue afterward. Attendance and enthusiasm will dictate our plans post Summer.  

The cost for this new Team Soul Youth Development Program is $150 / 4 weeks.

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